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Month 1 Day 2

and so it is winter! So says the snow on the ground, and on the cars and on the roads!

So says the 22 degree temp, and ice. and Oh how i hate winter when i have to drive.

Month 1 Day 1

So part of my new years goals was to write in this thing daily. Well it's still an hour till midnight so it's still today! I am starting off on the right foot...or maybe it's the left? Eh

EIther way the goings on are simple. i'm buying a Wii....WOOO I've already bought games...wheeee
I'm Saving up to move and pay off stuff....WOOOO i have no money..booo

Erm. THis is really quite dull but i'm hoping to pick up momentum when i'm actually in the caring mood. Something about a crappy day at work...ah well. later


Day 1 Drabble

Name: Lily Helsing
Object: Movie
Word count: 244

Day 1 blurbCollapse )


New years goals

Alright so who wants to hear the crazy new years goals i have? well alright then since you insist.
Main goals, Pay off debt and move...basic. Moving on
daily goals of writing 100words-3 pages on a character and item and writing in journal daily.
Weekly goal of writing a short story with random character that's 4-15 pages
Monthly goal of a chapter of my story "the last helsing"
yearly goal of completing both camp wrimos (july & august) and nanowrimo (nov)
there you have it my stupid goals

Random Update

So it’s been a bit, since the last journal entry was simply a posting of the nanowrimo word widgets. As you can tell, I’ve already finished the nanowrimo goal of 50k words in one month. I actually finished it in 5 days while writing about 10k a day so, I took the weekend off and, have not gone back to writing really. Guess I rather burnt myself out, which is to be expected when all of the sudden you hit 50k words in five days. My personal goal is 100k words, which I have the month to do it, and to finish the story. Whichever really comes first, though I’ll have to find the rest of the words somewhere.

That aside, I have had a fourth addition to the Setia family (my bjd’s) A little one called Mizu, He is now the smallest of the whole group and I’m still saving up for the Christopher sculpt from Impldoll, or attempting to. It’s hard to save without a job. Which I’ll address later. I have some pictures, but like all of the past ones they are out of date. (Doesn’t mean I won’t show them to you anyway.)
Pics of the dollsCollapse )

sorry for the quality

Since then Mizu (the smallest one in the funny hat) has gotten new hair that isn’t as frustrating for me. These pics were taken back in august and shortly I’ll get around to taking pics of their new shelf home and their Halloween set up before I take it down to replace it with their Christmas set up. That and I’d like to take them out and get more pics of the family. We’ll see, since I am ahead in my nano it wouldn’t hurt and it’d probably be a nice little break from trying to write. I went to the Columbus doll and bear show in October, and picked up some nice little accessories for them and wanted to take them out for a picnic but we’ll see how it goes.

As for the job thing, See back in July, an hour before my 8 hour shift ended I was taken aside by the District Manager and told I was being fired. I’m not going to go into detail at this point, but it was pretty crappy and for stupid reasons and I’m currently still dealing with it. The only good thing is that I am managing to pay my bills, thanks to the government, so it’s not too horrible while I try to find another job.

Other news, I’ve pretty much stopped pixel dolling. I was going to attempt to do so for my Christmas card (as per usual) but I don’t know, we’ll see how it goes since I pretty much have the gist of the card done and it’s just a shading issue. We’ll see.
Stories are all on hold until I can get nanowrimo’s story “twisted honesty” done. That is pretty much the gist of my life so far.


And the current stats of myself and my two friends. (with our respective goals)



Or with the nano goal

To Do Lists

FanFic100 and Orginal 100 Tables

Links to their Locations anyway.

FanFic100 Tables
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Original 100 Table
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Long Time, No Post

Let’s see so it’s been quite a while since my last update even though not much is going on at all. Same stupid stuff at work, same not doing a damn thing while at home.

              The biggest news I guess would be about my dolls. Not my pixel dolls (which I am on hiatus indefinitely with) but my Ball-jointed Asian dolls.  Yep, I’ve got three and am working on a fourth with will probably be it for me.

               Let’s see if I can remember them all:
                *Seiko Setia - Dollzone Yuu2
                *Tetsu Setia  - RingDoll Rebbeca
                *Naoki Setia – Island Doll Apollo
                The one I’m saving for currently is an Impldoll Christopher normal set.

                 Of course most of the people around here just don’t even know about all that but oh well. There’s pics too later but I’ll link those another time.
                 On the writing front, nothing really new, I did take a long rather unnecessary break from writing but now I’m attempting to get back into it by working on Penguin Like Symptoms from last nano, and hoping to eventually get around to actually either finishing Bloodless sword and Bone tower from the year before last, or at least making some effort. Of course the to do list above has been updated (mostly) accordingly. There are of course always other ideas floating around in my head but I’m attempting to reign them in at some point or another.
               I think I may attempt another journal story here on LJ but It’s still a work in thought. I’d have to think it out far better then the previous attempts to even consider it. Perhaps a time line or something, Who knows. As it stands it’s just an Idea, Nothing more. I do know that I’d have to attempt to start updating this regularly before I can even attempt a journal story, so we’ll see about it in a week or so if I can keep up with this even semi-regularly.
                As far as work is going, Well there’s not that much going really, work is work and it’s starting to wear. I’ve a few 12 hour days coming up but they are necessary and I did volunteer for them. Not that it makes it any better but still, they were by choice (even though I’m sure I’d be doing them anyway with my luck. At least this time it’s on my terms…I think)
                That’ll pretty much do it for this update, we’ll see what happens in the future if I continue this or not. We shall see!